Katarína Janečková

Thursday, 11. April 2013 to Saturday, 13. April 2013 | Atelier Babylon

Author Katarína Janečková at first sight really depressed and is not subject to a very good observer and what he sees in his neighborhood eagerly transferred to the canvas.

On the other hand, the production is based on the almost physical need to paint and draw, as otherwise, but what she likes, if she is painting live a carefree remind that in our daily lives is missing. Sort sebabulvarizácia is not self-reflection, but a commentary on its own natural life and effortless adjustment of the mirror.

Again, not a critical mirror, but the attempt explosion of color and loose brushstrokes to arouse the viewer to return to an already deeply rooted vices for one reason, because it's great!

Catherine currently studying for Master of Fine Arts in the last year with Professor Ivan Csudai and working on his thesis, in which the typical beach scenes and attributes bohemian life of the coating oťažievajú biting events in the author's life, so get a new meaning.

Julius Barczi, text for the exhibition "Lone Wolf and Cub World Champion" SOGA

Katarína Janečková

Ateliér Babylon