13. April 2013 - 20:00 | KC Dunaj

Taking the role of modern jugglers, the guitarist Daniel Salontay and the bass-guitarist Shina depart their homebase on the hill Longital in Bratislava, SK, to cruise around Europe, spreading the notion of the “New Slavic Wave“. The combination of a versatile guitarist who has developed breathtaking bow technique and a female lyrical music poet, who might seem fragile, yet she does manage to steer Slovakia's most valued indie label of Slnko Records, certainly does bring original fruit.

The specific Longital world is a place where the means of classic music styles meet the electronics-assisted search for new ways. This is a world that is able to draw the listeners in with a force that prevents the return into the boring reality. Their music has been triumphant in attracting scores of passionate listeners through the records and concerts, which oscillate between zen minimalism on the surface and wild eruptions of accumulated emotions brewing beneath.

KC Dunaj

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