Soldout (BE)

13. April 2013 - 20:00 | Atelier Babylon


Soldout, the electronic duo founded by Charlotte and David in 2004, is coming out with a new album: “MORE”. The irresistible track “94”, which is being released with this album, follows “Wazabi” and “Off Glory”. Both tracks made available in 2012 already, unveiling the band’s new musical direction.

The album was recorded and produced over an entire year (2012), in the band’s own studio in Brussels. “MORE” is the band’s third studio album after the initial electro pop album “Stop Talking” (2004) and the more radical and experimental “Cuts” (2008).

From the onset, Charlotte and David explored, with passion, the possibilities offered by electronic music, and sought to express a contrast, a collision of sounds, and feelings springing from their separate particular universes.

With “MORE”, Soldout returns with a singular sound and an identity that is increasingly asserted. In their songs, obscurity is mixed with tenderness, and violence with fragility. This enables us look into their private lives through personal stories, and makes us want to find out more. “MORE” also combines the melancholy of The XX and the brutality of The Kills, the pop touch of Metronomy and the more experimental sound of The Knife. This album resuscitates the past of electronic music with a resolutely contemporary sound. 


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